7 Jul 2021


Network Partners and Capability How does Ground Truth (GT) ensure the quality of Network Partners? Prior to approval, risk-based due diligence is conducted on each network partner (NP), including assessing referrals and reputation; identity checks;...
30 Nov 2020

Tech Talk Interview, The Banker

Stewart Kelly, CEO, Ground Truth Intelligence, talks to The Banker’s Joy Macknight about the factors that are driving change in the corporate intelligence space.
10 Aug 2020

Dubliner looks to shake up corporate intel marketplace

Corporate intelligence providers, used by companies for due diligence ahead of significant investments, have traditionally been considered opaque and the sector has even been associated with former spies.
5 Aug 2020

Heart of the Matter

Page 16. Stewart Kelly, CEO of Ground Truth Intelligence, spills the beans on a sometimes mysterious industry... Cloak-and-dagger aura of fraud detection and prevention has outstayed its welcome and use
30 Jul 2020

Ground Truth Intelligence

Ground Truth Intelligence launches – a new model for investigations & due diligence. A marketplace platform for a traditionally opaque and high-cost sector – little changed in 50 years
29 Jul 2020

Corporate spy firm tries to clean up ‘James Bond’ industry’s image

Technology firm Ground Truth Intelligence (GTI) has today launched its ethical investigations platform in London, as the company seeks ...