The Global Investigations & Intelligence Network


Ground Truth Intelligence is the most agile, efficient and secure way to run investigations and intelligence projects

For any investigations or intelligence requirement, we match you directly to the best-fit independent service provider, on the ground, anywhere in the world. We call them our Network Partners.

This could be for a strategic project where you need discreet access to sensitive information, or a simple document retrieval from a public registry, or anything in between.

You can rest assured that you will be working with the best-in-class resource for your specific requirement.

We have over a thousand specialist Network Partners, covering over 200 countries and territories. The network is curated, invitation-only and supported by thorough diligence, compliance and training processes.

The platform is designed by, and for, intelligence and investigations practitioners, and built to ensure maximum data privacy and security standards.

This new, transparent approach gives you full control over the process. You know exactly who is getting the information and how they are doing it. No more mystery.


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Rapid and easy access to the right resource — anywhere in the world, at any time.

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No more layers of analysts and middlemen getting between you and the ground truth. You have control throughout.

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If there’s no need for mystery, why have it? Ground Truth takes away unnecessary opacity.

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No more excess middleman mark-ups. You pay only for intelligence and access – with clear and transparent pricing.

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Our online platform makes it easy to manage sensitive data and ensure its privacy and security at every step.

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Commitment to compliance with legal and ethical standards — in your home jurisdiction and beyond.


We help clients with the full range of Investigations and Intelligence requirements, including:

  • Due diligence
  • Investigations
  • Asset tracing
  • Litigation support
  • Document retrieval
  • Site visits
  • Open source research
  • Market intelligence
  • Political risk analysis
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Source-of-wealth enquiries
  • Competitor insight


The Ground Truth Intelligence platform is simple to use, and the process is familiar to anyone who commissions investigations or intelligence enquiries:


Login securely to create a new project request in your dashboard


Enter your key project requirements in the intuitive scope builder


Review your proposed Network Partner, request a scoping discussion, or just activate your project


Your project is now live, so you can communicate directly with your Network Partner, review findings on an ongoing basis, and download the final report


Stewart Kelly

Stewart Kelly

Founder & CEO

Stewart was a Managing Director at intelligence and investigations consultancies in London (G3) and New York (Veracity), where he led cases around the world, managed teams of analysts, and developed research and reporting processes.
Patrick Carter

Patrick Carter

Co-founder & CTO

Patrick is a computer security specialist who previously worked on developing new technology at Veracode, a leading application security company. In his earlier career he was a radar analyst at MIT Lincoln Laboratories.
Matthew Hunt

Matthew Hunt

Co-founder & COO

Matthew worked as a director, senior consultant, and analyst at four risk and investigations companies: The Risk Advisory Group, Livingstone, Veracity and FTI. He has led projects in various global regions and co-developed a security risk analysis platform.
Silvia Blake

Silvia Blake

Commercial Director

During a 14-year career at Thomson Reuters Silvia was a senior sales specialist and client relationship manager, focused on providing data and analytics solutions to buy-side, sell-side and corporate clients, with a focus on research and advisory.
William Higgins

William Higgins

Head of Product

William has extensive experience in intelligence and investigations consulting having previously worked at FTI Consulting, Veracity and Cortex Intelligence. His work has included due diligence, asset tracing and fraud investigations across the US, Latin America and West and South Africa.
Leila Sid

Leila Sid

Client Engagement Director

Leila previously worked at Thomson Reuters and Exiger for five years as a subject matter expert, focusing on assisting clients to counter money laundering, the financing of terrorism, proliferation financing and mitigating the risk of bribery and corruption. She spent her early career leading various sales projects in high risk jurisdictions. Leila has an MBA from ESG Paris.
Jonathan Dunbar

Jonathan Dunbar

Client Engagement Director

Jonathan was formerly the EMEA Director at Sibylline where he spent eight years of his career, starting as an intelligence analyst. He has helped a wide variety of clients meet their security and intelligence requirements, from the strategic to tactical levels. In addition to his role with Ground Truth Intelligence, Jonathan is also an Officer in the British Army Reserves.
Sal Remtulla

Sal Remtulla

Head of Marketing

Sal has almost twenty years of experience working in diligence and investigations. She spent the majority of her career at The Risk Advisory Group heading up their marketing efforts. Most recently she has been consulting on digital/content marketing projects in the wider risk sector.
Robert Court

Robert Court

Board Advisor, Governance

Robert advises Ground Truth on the development of the company’s Governance program. Robert was previously Global Head of External Affairs at Rio Tinto, Vice President at GSK, and was a UK diplomat with postings in Brussels, Bangkok, Canberra and London.
Colin Wood

Colin Wood


Colin advises Ground Truth on User Experience and platform development. He is currently Success Director at Ontic Technologies. His prior career included roles at Palantir Technologies, the US State Department and intelligence community.
Karin Carpentier

Karin Carpentier


Karin advises Ground Truth on strategy, sales & marketing and business development. Karin is currently CEO at CGEM, a growth consulting company, and Venture Partner at Match-Maker Ventures. She previously led the B2B business for NZZ Media Group and held various senior international sales & management roles at Thomson Reuters.
Alec Alenstein

Alec Alenstein


Alec advises Ground Truth on strategy and platform development. Alec previously led the development of Kroll Bond Rating Agency’s data analytics platform, was COO of Eurasia Group, and was an investment banker with Deutsche Bank.
Edo de Vries Robbé

Edo de Vries Robbé


Edo advises Ground Truth on high-volume data product strategy and integrations. He is currently head of partnerships, alliances and strategy at Arachnys, a leading provider of digitised data for investigative research. Edo previously led the growth of the due diligence business at The Red Flag Group, which was subsequently acquired by Refinitiv.


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