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  • Network Partners and Capability

    • How does Ground Truth (GT) ensure the quality of Network Partners?
      Prior to approval, risk-based due diligence is conducted on each network partner (NP), including assessing referrals and reputation; identity checks; confirmation of employment and professional histories; open source media, public records and internet searches; reference checks with former employers and/or current and former clients. Where possible and relevant, this also includes obtaining any legal, regulatory or disciplinary records. For NPs operating in jurisdictions or professional service lines that carry a higher level of risk, we conduct additional due diligence before onboarding and risk-based monitoring of live projects on the platform. Members of the GT team also conduct capability and integrity interviews, while NPs expressly agree to the terms of our Code of Conduct and warranties regarding our strict legal terms. We also provide integrity training and skills development, while all NPs are subject to GT’s monitoring of performance in line with good industry practice.
    • What types of consultants and companies are on the network?
      GT works with a wide range of high-quality independent consultants and boutique consultancies. They span the world in terms of coverage and operate in a variety of intelligence and investigations professional service lines. For example some are country or regional specialists, while others focus exclusively in areas such as asset tracing or multi-lingual open source research. But what they share in common is their independence, professionalism, and commitment to providing high quality information and analysis in a timely, cost-effective, and legal and ethical manner.
    • What are the criteria for partners getting on the network?

      Ground Truth carefully selects its Network Partners according to a range of criteria. This includes the quality of their professional services; their expertise in certain jurisdictions, sectors or themes; and their adherence to GT’s strict legal and ethical policies and guidelines.

    • May I combine network partners for a complex requirement?

      Yes. Ground Truth’s platform enables you to engage as many network partners as are required to meet your project needs. You can either run each network partner as a separate research stream or Ground Truth can engage a project manager (another Network Partner who has this particular expertise) to manage and oversee different streams on your behalf on those more complex, multi-jurisdictional requirements.

    • Does Ground Truth provide access to other related services such as security, forensic accounting or commercial due diligence?

      While such services do not form the core of the Ground Truth network offering – which is focused on more mainstream corporate intelligence and investigations services –  our network does include independent consultants and boutique consultancies that also provide security consulting, forensic accounting, and commercial competitor and market intelligence in certain jurisdictions. We are always happy to assist in those cases where our network partners have these capabilities.

    • What about investigative / desktop research expertise?

      The Ground Truth network includes numerous independent consultants and consultancies who also provide desktop-based research services, either on a standalone basis or in support of other, human network based services they provide. This desktop research provision is comprehensive in that it not only covers a broad array of jurisdictions and languages, but is also specialised according to services such as asset tracing, integrity due diligence, and political risk analysis.

    • Who are Ground Truth’s clients?

      Ground Truth’s clients tend to be regular users of intelligence and investigations services: financial institutions, law firms, multinational corporations and advisory firms. We also support investigative specialists who work in-house at corporations, within consulting firms, or as independent investigators.

    • Does GT obtain public information (media, social, public records)?

      Yes. Ground Truth’s platform provides access to an international network of providers of publicly-sourced information, including – but not limited to – public registries and databases, social and other open source media.

    • Does GT have particular geographic strengths?

      No, Ground Truth has developed a truly comprehensive global network in over 200 jurisdictions and territories. We have systematically identified and mapped out the highest quality professionals across all regions, covering the full range of professional corporate intelligence & investigative services, at scale.

    • How does Ground Truth handle/what happens when there are time zone differences between the GT user and the Network Partner working on the project?The internal messaging system within Ground Truth’s platform allows clients and Network Partners the ability to communicate with one another, and with the Ground Truth Team, 24/7 – irrespective of time zone differences. For projects where these time differences are irreconcilable we work collaboratively with the GT User to find a solution that works for all parties.

    • What types of people are in the network?

      Our invitation-only network has more than 1,000 Network Partners, covering over 200 countries, territories and jurisdictions. They come from backgrounds including journalism, business, law, government, law enforcement, public affairs, research, investigations and consulting. All are highly experienced in their niche within the intelligence and investigations information chain. They also share in common their professionalism, agility and a commitment to providing high quality information and analysis in a timely, cost-effective manner, and with full commitment to our Code of Conduct.

    • How does GT know its network partners?

      While the GT founders have combined decades of corporate intelligence and investigations experience between them, they got to know the Network Partners in a variety of ways. Some they have worked with for many years, others were recommended by professionals they trust, while others were selected to join the Ground Truth network and passed through its strict recruitment selection criteria.

    • What kind of experience do the network partners have?

      While there is no one template for the experience required of a GT Network Partner, the majority have considerable experience in providing high quality research and analysis in a professional setting. This might have been acquired in the context of investigative journalism, law enforcement, multinational institutions, or while working within other reputable corporate intelligence and investigations firms.

    • How does Ground Truth handle capacity issues of its Network Partners? Could it affect the date of the deliverables for my own project?

      Ground Truth has developed a truly comprehensive global network in anticipation of a high level of client demand. We have therefore purposely bolstered our network even where it is already strong, to ensure we have a choice of multiple Network Partners that we can assign to fulfill your project at any time. Therefore you should not encounter any capacity issues affecting the date of the deliverables on your project.

    • How does Ground Truth recruit its Network Partners?

      Ground Truth takes a multifaceted approach to recruiting its invitation-only network of service providers. Working with partners in the industry, we have mapped the global capability for intelligence and investigations, and have developed a targeted recruitment program for fulfilling niche requirements in all relevant jurisdictions. The network stays at a number of approximately 1,000, with constant addition of new Network Partners and attrition of existing ones

    • How does Ground Truth ensure consistency of reporting from Network Partners?

      Ground Truth does not intervene in the substantive work of the Network Partners, ensuring the local nuance and detail is retained for the client. However, working with partners in the industry, we are developing training programs and guidelines to help Network Partners apply consistent standards to certain types of information-gathering and reporting.

    • How does Ground Truth Intelligence choose the Network Partner for my project?

      We use an adaptive algorithm to match a shortlist of Network Partners with the criteria of your requirement. From there, the Ground Truth team assesses the best match, and the Network Partner is proposed for your approval in the platform. You can talk directly as much as you like before making any commitment to proceed.

    • Do I have direct access to the Network Partner?

      Yes. Once you have agreed to commence work on the project, you have direct access to the Network Partner and can use the secure chat function and receive documents and reports through the platform

    • Does Ground Truth Intelligence vet the Network Partners?

      Yes. The network is invitation only, and all Network Partners are subject to risk-based due diligence and ongoing training and development to ensure quality standards and compliance with Ground Truth’s Corporate Governance & Compliance Guidelines and Code of Conduct.

    • Who sees the project requirements that we upload? Is it a mass mail out to a virtual jobs board, or does Ground Truth carefully control who sees the project brief?

      Ground Truth’s platform is the antithesis of an open jobs board. Project requirements are only shared with Network Partners once a GT staff member has carefully compared the project requirements against the qualifications and expertise of our network partner database. Once we have identified a match, we then share the project requirements on a no-names basis with the Network Partner we have carefully selected as being the best fit for the task. If they agree to take on the project and are accepted by the client then that is the only Network Partner who is ever made aware of the project requirements.

    • As a network partner, will GT share my profile publicly?

      No. GT does not share any network partner profiles publicly. The only time we share a network partner’s profile with anyone beyond GT is once we have matched them with a client project requirement, which the Network Partner has in turn accepted. The client is then able to review the background and expertise of our proposed partner against their own objectives. If they wish, clients are able to remain anonymous throughout the project.


      What coverage/type of professional indemnity insurance is needed as a Network Partner?

      The insurance liability requirement is determined by the nature of your activities on the platform. The level it should be, is your own decision. If your activities are mostly confined to conducting checks at local courts and retrieving corporate docs, or even conducting human source inquiries we can’t envisage that you’ll need a high level of cover at all.  The information is the information and as long as you are providing it in good faith, your exposure should be very limited, if not negligible. The importance is that you have some kind of cover and that it’s appropriate to the work you do.

  • Terms of Use

    • How do you charge for your services?

      Access to our platform is free of charge. Fees are only ever liable for any projects you choose to commission. Ground Truth operates a clear, fair, and transparent pricing structure. Our price is consistently correlated to the Network Partner (NP) fee on each project, and our margin is never greater than 44% of the total project fee.

    • Do GT’s clients gain permanent direct access to the NP through the platform, or is it limited to the duration of the project?

      Access to Network Partners is granted on a project-by-project basis, and only for the duration of the agreed assignment. However, whenever a new phase of work is proposed, the client in question can request a Network Partner they have successfully worked with in the past as their first choice partner.

    • Do I have direct access to the service provider?

      Yes. You have direct access to your assigned Network Partner for the duration of the project via chat and voice call functionality within the platform.

    • With whom do I contract?

      All clients contract with Ground Truth Intelligence.

    • How does billing and payment work?

      Apart from on projects whereby an upfront payment is specifically required, clients are billed upon the succesful completion of a project. Payment is via bank or wire transfer and payments should be made within 30 days of the completion of project.

    • What if I want to start an independent relationship with the service provider?

      Like most marketplace platforms, Ground Truth Intelligence’s terms of use require clients and Network Partners to refrain from engaging in business together directly, if they have been introduced by us.

    • If I’m an Advisory firm, can I use GT to streamline my own information sources?

      Yes. Ground Truth supports many advisory firms, risk consultancies, and investigators. We help them ensure they have access to the best-possible information flows for their requirement, so that they can focus on what they do best: analysis and advice.

    • How do I sign up to GT and start using the platform?

      If you would like to use the platform as a client, please email If you would like to become a Network Partner, you may reach out to Please note, however, that joining the network is by invitation only and reaching out is no guarantee of an invite to the Network.

    • Is there a fee to sign up to the platform?

      No, access to the Ground Truth platform is completely free of charge. We only charge for the reports you choose to commission through our platform. You can submit project requests, receive project quotes, view the Network Partner profile, and even have a preliminary discussion with the Network Partner assigned to your project. It is not until you choose to ACTIVATE the project that the investigation goes live and the project quote fees are liable.

    • The contents of the report generated for my project may be sensitive. How does Ground Truth protect them?

      Information security is paramount in our industry. Your reports, as well as any communication history you have with the Network Partner, are securely stored on our servers. After project completion, we only keep the chat history and deliverables for 10 days. After the 10-day window has elapsed, all deliverables associated with your project are deleted from our servers.

  • Best Practices

    • What is the “legacy approach” and how does it work? 

      The legacy approach to Corporate Intelligence & Investigations places opacity at the heart of the business model: “confidential sources” are cited for high-value information, and clients don’t get to speak to the people actually doing the substantive work. We think it’s time to challenge that approach.

    • What is “double distortion” of information?

      Double distortion happens under the legacy approach to intelligence and investigations when a client’s message or request goes through several layers of middlemen before it gets to the person doing the substantive work. By the time it gets to the bottom of the chain, it has lost its meaning. The same applies to the client on the receiving end. The Ground Truth approach eliminates this problem.

    • What is the Information “devalue chain”?

      The Information Devalue Chain happens when intelligence loses its clarity and nuance as it moves up the chain through several middlemen before reaching the end client. Ironically, as the intelligence moves up, its cost increases. At the top of the chain, the client pays more for something that is less inherently valuable than when it was at the bottom of the chain.

    • What’s GT’s geographic coverage? 

      Ground Truth Intelligence has comprehensive global coverage. For large jurisdictions or those with significant investor interest, we ensure there are up to 50 different Network Partners available to ensure any type of investigative or intelligence requirement can be met. For smaller or more remote jurisdictions this number varies.

    • Does GT specialise in any jurisdictions? 

      We do not specialise in or favour any particular regions or jurisdictions over another. We ensure that the combined capability of our Network Partners can meet the full range of intelligence and investigative requirements, in any jurisdiction.
    • How is GT different to an expert network?

      The Ground Truth platform provides access to carefully vetted independent service providers who are specialists in intelligence and investigations. They carry out a specific assignment for the client. In the expert network model, clients speak directly to a multitude of practitioners in a given field, to help better understand a particular issue. We like expert networks, but we don’t aspire to be one!

    • Can the Client remain anonymous from the Network Partner working on their project? 

      Absolutely. Ground Truth’s default preference is maximal transparency between all parties. Nevertheless, we also appreciate that there are very legitimate reasons for clients wishing to keep their identity confidential from the Network Partner working on their project. Upon entering each new project request within the platform, clients can tick a box to choose to remain anonymous from the Network Partner assigned to their case. This enables clients to withhold their identity while still having direct and ongoing access to the Network Partner throughout the project life cycle.

    • How do I know the intelligence work is done with the highest legal and ethical standards? 

      In addition to the rigorous selection process & mandatory training, all of Ground Truth’s Network Partners sign up to our terms of engagement. This includes adherence to the Ground Truth code of conduct & legal and ethical guidelines. Ground Truth also runs regular risk-based spot checks on the platform to ensure compliance with these policies.

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